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Sunday, 21 May 2006


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501 (c) 3 Not For Profit

I dont know if it is legal in your state. Check with your department of natural resources. I dont know where you can get one, sorry!

Elise Able

East Concord, NY


is it illegal to have one and if not do you know how i could get one.

My reply : suppose what state you are in, and if your state allows it. check with your department of Natural resources. I dont know where you can get one, sorry!

Stonington WildLife Sanctuary

From: Stonington Wildlife Sanctuary. Just got in a Long Tail baby Weasel. Never had one in before. Eyes just opened. Is eating wet cat food. Does he need to be fed any formula? And if so what type?
Thank you,


Greetings...we have a question. We found a baby weasel above ground last week. We believe he is about two to three weeks old (he resembles the photograph third from the top of this page). You mention feeding baby weasels formula...what kind, brand and type (do they come in age ranges for babies?) do you recommend? Also, how long should we feed him formula? We have been feeding him Vitamin D milk. Thanks! Tom


We found a very, very young weasel today, crawling across our driveway. My husband put it in a box with grass etc, and I now have it in a quiet dark place with a warming rice-sock under the box. We found him after all the sanctuaries had closed. I have no soft cat food, no infant formula, NOTHING! What shall I do to get him through the night until I can have him picked up tomorrow morning?


How can you tell the difference between a baby weasel and a baby mole? In your pictures the really young ones don't appear to have such a distinguished neck.


hey i really like this information could you help me on getting hold of a baby least weasel ?
do you know any breeders?

Becky Hagan

we found a pup fox GREY) looks to be about two weeks old. Mother beside her dead from a car. We took her in and taking care of her for about three weeks now. Doing very well, playfull,happy. We love her so much and have gotten very attatched to her, affraid what to do when she gets too big for us,,please help!!


My daughter found a young weasel in her window well. It is about 6-7" long and very friendly. Is it safe to hold?


This website is good for people that are doing resherch on animals.

Baylee and friends

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